Paula Rivers

Audiologist, Founder & Co-Owner

Paula Rivers, Au.D. is an audiologist, founder and co-owner of RK Audiology providing hearing aids, hearing tests, and various audiology services in Austin, TX.

Paula Rivers is the founder, audiologist, and co-owner of RK Audiology. She grew up in Mineral Wells, TX, shooting guns, riding motorcycles, operating heavy equipment, and listening to loud music. This early noise exposure was all without protecting her ears, giving an extra appreciation for the importance of wearing hearing protection.

Paula received her Bachelor of Science in Communication and Human Relations, with a minor in Radio/Television/Film from Texas Christian University, and graduated cum laude. Paula earned a second Bachelor of Science degree, this time in speech-language pathology from Texas Woman’s University and her Master of Science in Audiology from the University of North Texas.

At RK, Paula manages the audiology team and travels between locations to support and educate staff on office protocols and the every-changing landscape of hearing aid technology options.

Paula is also a University Lecturer, currently teaching Amplifying Systems in Aural Rehab to Audiology Doctoral students at The University of Texas at Austin.

Paula has a fascination with the anatomy and physiology of the ear and is an early adopter of the latest technology. Paula has expertise in customized hearing technology and made-for-smartphone options.

When not at RK, Paula may be found playing with her pup, strumming her ukulele or guitar, riding her bike, and finding the sunshine.