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“I  would 200 per cent  recommend Paula and RK Audiology.  I was recommended the office by my GP in Austin.  He was certainly correct on that choice.  I knew I needed hearing aids, and this was the place to get them.  Paula has excellent customer service and makes sure you are comfortable in wearing the hearing aids.  They use very high tech equipment and Paula is very knowledgeable about all the types of hearing aids.  Thanks for a great experience!”

“My wife and I contacted RK Audiology to get fit for custom Westone ear plugs before SXSW 2018. We go to lots of shows and had long been telling ourselves that we needed to protect our hearing, so this year we decided to actually do something about it. Paula was great to work with–she did a brief ear exam (with fun video of our ear canals!), helped us decide on the right level of protection for our needs and made molds of our ears to send to Westone. Her staff is professional and organized and made the whole process very easy. We’re really enjoying the results. Our new earplugs fit great and were comfortable to wear for a 3-band lineup. The sound is fantastic, very transparent and still pleasantly loud like you want a live show to be, just within a more safe level. We went with 10Db filters, but there are options to reduce the sound even further if you’d prefer. Can’t recommend enough!”


“Incredible service. They go out of their way to make sure that you get what you need and that you are 100% satisfied. I came in for some custom earplugs and Paula noticed that they didn’t fit properly. I couldn’t really tell, but she insisted that they take a more accurate scan of my ear and create a pair of better ear plugs…for no additional cost. AND I got to keep the first pair as a backup. Simply great service.”


“The people there are extremely knowledgeable about hearing devices, and customizing them to your needs. Since they service the music industry as well, they are very fine- tuned to getting and keeping your settings the best for you. Friendly, service oriented, and the best. Highly recommend RK.”


“I had the immense pleasure of being helped by Paula and Janet who in my opinion are in the top Audiologist practices I have had in my 28 years of wearing hearing aids. I was visiting Austin over the holidays and was experiencing issues with my aids. Paula brought me in and in a very professional and methodical manner diagnosed my problem. She took my claims very seriously and verified my ear health before moving on to the aid. The issue was resolved by replacing a component of my aid, but she then called the hearing aid provider to double check if my issue was a common one. Very thorough, knowledgeable and approachable.”


“I had some issues with my ear as it sounded like something was scratching inside every time I moved my head.  I was able to create an appointment online – huge time saver, especially when I was in immediate need.  Once I got there they were very kind, sat me down in the waiting area where there was a Martin Guitar just waiting to be played… 10 minutes of guitar playing later, it was my turn and the doc took great care of me and fixed me right up. I would highly recommend to anyone who has troubles Audiologists help with.”


“I feel lucky I found RK. My next “big birthday” will be the 70th.  (I don’t believe it, but there it is.) I was hesitant about calling – the other reviewers sounded young, hip, looking for ways to have a better listening – as opposed to hearing – experience. I’m so glad I called. Paula is professional, knowledgable about all alternative hearing devices, and has the patience of a saint.”


“What a great office!!!! I was recommended to them by the Next door app. I’ve had an impacted right ear for years and the ladies Paula and Janet worked together to get my ear unplugged. Their office is high tech and great. I felt very comfortable there and More importantly they changed my life!!! My ringing and dizziness stopped. If you have any hearing problems give them a call!”


“I had waited too long to get tested again and new hearing instruments until friends were constantly telling me how loud I was talking and being. I finally got the process started then, yesterday I went for my fitting of my new hearing instruments! Paula got me activated and I could hear the rain hitting the building! My smile grew and tears of joy streamed down my face! Paula was so helpful in educating me in all the features of my Resounds, which are very user friendly and adaptable! I feel so blessed!”


“Amazing service and so professional! I would recommend Paula and her team at RK. I had my Shure earpieces custom fitted and Paula did the examination, cleaning and received the item a couple of weeks later. I had a problem with the right side and made an appointment to get service. Paula showed me the issue and was so kind to not even charge me. Well, I will be back and will refer other friends to RK from now on!”


“Oh my! Janet and Paula are amazing! They took the time to see me while i was there, from MN on the spur of the moment. I am SO impressed by their service, knowledge, everything…I am strongly considering coming to Austin for me next set of aids. Thank you to the 2 awesome ones that helped me! Lori (did I mention that I was from Minnesota?)😎”


“I recently got a new hearing aid through RK Audiology and am loving it so far. Allison was my audiologist and she was awesome – she helped identity what I was looking for in the new aid, made some recommendations and when the order came in, really took her time to program the new aid, to make sure I was happy with what I was hearing. I think this has to be the first time I’ve walked out happy with the programming on a new hearing aid (I’ve a severe/profound hearing loss). Thank you, thank you!”


“My wife and I bought our first set of hearing aids 3 years ago. The model was near the top of the line and we paid good money for it. However the improvement in hearing was inadequate and we stopped wearing them after 6 months or so. Then last fall my wife’s internist recommended RK Audiology. Our audiologist, Allison, throughly evaluated our hearing and recommended hearing aids. She then set them to best compensate for our hearing losses. We are very pleased. Excellent testing and knowledgeable professions made a big difference. Throughout the entire process, they were also very helpful and courteous”


“so informative and professional. And great ambience and personal care. I dont think Ive ever enjoyed a health check up quite so much!”


“Paula was patient, explained everything to me and was very helpful in helping me decide upon appropriate hearing aids.”


“Paula and her team at RK Audiology are absolutely wonderful. You can expect top-notch service state of the art equipment and reasonable pricing. Everyone at RK Audiology has your best interest at heart.”


“This is the best Audiologist in Austin. Was very happy with the time they took testing and discussing my options. I came in having done research online and left with a much better solution. No pressure, just good old fashioned service.


“I don’t write many reviews, but the outstanding service from Paula at RK Audiology shouldn’t be kept to myself! I just used an ambient IEM system for the first time last night and it was so amazing not having to fight to hear myself. And no ringing ears after the gig! At one point my band mate turned to me and asked if everything was ok because he couldn’t hear any keys. And I said talk to the sound guy, I hear me just fine! Ha! Thanks to Paula, I can leave my amp at home. 


“I had an amazing experience here. They are so personable and really care about your satisfaction I would recommend them to everyone looking to get in ears. Janet thank you guys so much for everything.”


“Paula Rivers and RK Audiology represent an excellence of professionalism that is rare! I tried many audiologists but never received satisfactory results—until my first appointment with Paula. Now, the regular visits to adjust my hearing aids are actually a pleasure.
Since I am in my eighties, I especially appreciate her patience, courtesy, and clear communication. She has brought me back to the “land of the living!” Thank you, Paula and Janet for your outstanding service.”


“I was trying to track down a wax removal tool for my iems before a gig at SXSW. Not only were they very friendly and very knowledgeable, but they gave me two of the tools i needed at no cost. Highly recommended for any musicians or sound engineers.”


“I recently went in to be fitted for Sensaphonics Ear Molds for my Shure earphones, and an ear cleaning.  I met with Paula Rivers, and had a very positive experience.  Both of my ears were impacted, and I was very nervous about the cleaning.  Paula took time to show me what she would be doing by using an existing ear prop that she had and it really set me at ease.  She has such a gentle touch I barely noticed that she was cleaning my ears.  I can hear so much better now, I wish I had found her sooner.  I would HIGHLY recommend visiting her.”


“The folks at Rk are awesome. They make you feel like they care, and I think they do. I am very happy with my Widex, nearly invisible, Bluetooth hearing aids”


“One of my long-time massage clients recently went thru the process of getting hearing aids from RK Audiology and they were very, very pleased both with the level of service and final customized product. ”


“This company has a great story and is helping so many people gain access to all the sounds many of us take for granted. They are doing great things!”


“We’ve been colleagues for 4 years; fellow champions for the cause of hearing awareness and conservation.”


“I had issues with my hearing aids from the beginning. Went back to the audiologist (not Paula) where I purchased them and received “that is as good as it gets” response. Paula had a solution that is working great. My hearing aids went fro OK to great. Thanks so much!”


“We saw the Miro Quartet (violin, cello, viola, another violin) at Bass Concert Hall Thurs evening. first time hearing them with my hearing aids. Fantastic!!”

“RK Audiology is fantastic. They really know hearing aids and how to best help adapt them to each client. Paula is great, she knows her business. I would not go any place else to get earing aids! Great customer service!”