Simple solutions for high-tech hearing…so you stay connected.

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Customized Hearing Aid Technology

Providing exceptional service in a comfortable space. Offering the latest in hearing aid technology for individuals who need less “What?” in their lives. Expertise in custom products for musicians, audiophiles, recreational sports enthusiasts and those needing peace and quiet from snoring partners or noisy neighbors.


Custom-fit in-ear products for musicians, concert goers, recreational sports enthusiasts, audiophiles and more.

Custom Fit

In-ear monitors are handcrafted for the ultimate listening experience.  Available with your choice of drivers, removable cables, ambient microphones and many other personalized features.

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Discreet and sophisticated technology including accessibility for both Android and Apple devices.

The Latest Technology

Smart apps, wireless / bluetooth / remote microphone technologies allow for smart communication between hearing devices as well as pairing to mobile phones, TVs, MP3 players and other devices.

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Custom earplugs for high-noise environments including industry, construction, shooting range, and more.

Custom Ear Protection

Don’t forget your protection! Protect the hearing you have with comfortable, custom-fit earplugs for recreational sports, music venues, noisy workplaces and for peace and quiet while sleeping.

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Concerned about hearing loss? Loud noise can be damaging, and hearing loss may be permanent.

How Hearing Works

Both the level of noise and the length of time you listen to the noise can put you at risk for noise-induced hearing loss. If you have hearing loss, we can help answer questions and discuss options.

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Customer Reviews

“My wife and I contacted RK Audiology to get fit for custom Westone ear plugs before SXSW 2018. We go to lots of shows and had long been telling ourselves that we needed to protect our hearing, so this year we decided to actually do something about it. Paula was great to work with–she did a brief ear exam (with fun video of our ear canals!), helped us decide on the right level of protection for our needs and made molds of our ears to send to Westone. Her staff is professional and organized and made the whole process very easy. We’re really enjoying the results. Our new earplugs fit great and were comfortable to wear for a 3-band lineup. The sound is fantastic, very transparent and still pleasantly loud like you want a live show to be, just within a more safe level. We went with 10Db filters, but there are options to reduce the sound even further if you’d prefer. Can’t recommend enough!”


“I feel lucky I found RK. My next “big birthday” will be the 70th.  (I don’t believe it, but there it is.) I was hesitant about calling – the other reviewers sounded young, hip, looking for ways to have a better listening – as opposed to hearing – experience. I’m so glad I called. Paula is professional, knowledgable about all alternative hearing devices, and has the patience of a saint.”


“What a great office!!!! I was recommended to them by the Next door app. I’ve had an impacted right ear for years and the ladies Paula and Janet worked together to get my ear unplugged. Their office is high tech and great. I felt very comfortable there and More importantly they changed my life!!! My ringing and dizziness stopped. If you have any hearing problems give them a call!”


“I had waited too long to get tested again and new hearing instruments until friends were constantly telling me how loud I was talking and being. I finally got the process started then, yesterday I went for my fitting of my new hearing instruments! Paula got me activated and I could hear the rain hitting the building! My smile grew and tears of joy streamed down my face!”


“I had the immense pleasure of being helped by Paula and Janet who in my opinion are in the top Audiologist practices I have had in my 28 years of wearing hearing aids. I was visiting Austin over the holidays and was experiencing issues with my aids. Paula brought me in and in a very professional and methodical manner diagnosed my problem. She took my claims very seriously and verified my ear health before moving on to the aid. The issue was resolved by replacing a component of my aid, but she then called the hearing aid provider to double check if my issue was a common one. Very thorough, knowledgeable and approachable.”