Our Services

Services at RK Audiology include hearing evaluations and the programming and repair of all major brands of hearing instruments including Lyric Hearing, Oticon, Phonak, Resound, Siemens (Signia), Sonic Innovations and Widex.

To evaluate the performance of hearing instruments, we use Real Ear Measurement, Speech Mapping, and the latest programming software.

Our audiologists utilize Video Otoscopy – state-of-the-art equipment allowing both you and the audiologist to view your ears with a small camera which transmits images to a larger screen. We provide ear cleaning (earwax removal), ear impressions and the fitting of custom hearing earmolds, earplugs and headphones.



Check Ups & Cleanings

Appointments for new or existing clients – we will clean, replace wax guards, earmold tubing, receivers and mic covers for hearing instruments. We access and repair in-ears and hearing aids. Devices will be sent in to the lab/manufacturer for repair as needed.


Evaluation & Consultation

Comprehensive hearing evaluations are offered to determine the nature and degree of hearing difficulty and best treatment options, including demonstration of hearing instruments and new hearing technologies. We have a high-frequency audiometer in our clinic to provide testing out to 20,000Hz. 


Hearing Aids

Comprehensive hearing evaluations, real ear measurement, video otoscopy, ear cleaning and wax removal, 3D digital ear scans, ear impressions. We specialize in the evaluation, fitting & programming, service and repair of all hearing aid technology.


Hearing Protection

Life is filled with so many activities and sounds – recreational sports, music, industrial machines – without hearing protection, noise exposure at levels of 85dB and above for an extended period of time may be unsafe and noise-induced hearing loss is possible.


Custom Fit Options

Musicians, machine workers, mechanics and others – Come see us at RK Audiology to discuss the best options in custom-fit technology personalized for you. You pick up your new customized ears at RK; we guarantee the fit and satisfaction or we will make it right for you.


About Lyric

Lyric is a great solution for active lifestyles and those seeking a discreet hearing device. Incredible hearing, all day, everyday. Lyric is 100% invisible, hassle free, sweat proof and shower proof, worn 24/7 for 2-3 months at a time.