Telehealth – RK Audiology Remote Audiology Services

Step by Step:

Step 1 – Schedule a phone (512) 704-7447 or video conferencing consult appointment with one of our Audiologists to review your hearing evaluation results* and discuss hearing instrument recommendations and our hearing service treatment plan.

Step 2 – RK Audiology will ship your hearing instruments and programming supplies directly to you.

Step 3Schedule your remote hearing instrument fitting appointment once you have received your hearing instrument(s) and supplies.

Step 4 – During your remote fitting appointment, we will program your hearing instruments and review care, insertion & removal, cleaning, and maintenance.

Step 5 – We will meet with you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis following your fitting appointment for making programming adjustments and answering questions.

*A valid hearing test completed within the past 6 months must be available.