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Custom In-Ear Monitors

In-ear monitors are handcrafted for the ultimate listening experience.  Available with your choice of drivers, removable cables, ambient microphones and other personalized features.  In addition, there are a wide range of color and faceplate design choices.

Come see us at RK Audiology to discuss the best options in custom-fit technology personalized for you.  We start with video otoscopy giving our audiologists (and you) a clear view of  your ear canals and eardrums.

Click here for fitting tips from ACS Custom and here for cable insertion techniques.

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Customized for your ears … audio and hearing protection solutions for those who love music, sports, recreation and some peace and quiet while reading or sleeping. Protecting ears of those working in loud environments including firefighters and other emergency vehicles, construction workers and factory employees. Solving the problems of stock earbuds, custom earpieces are comfortable, stay in place, and sound great.  Perfect for motorsports, travel, exercise, concerts, the shooting range and other recreational activities.RK Audiology custom Westone Audio in-ear monitors

Offering custom musicians earplugs with interchangeable attenuation filters.

Choose from a wide range of in-ear monitor technology, with high quality drivers and compatibility with virtually any personal audio device.  Made for you, with your requested number of drivers, cable, color(s) and faceplate.  In-ears are recommended for stage musicians as well as for portable personal listening devices.

Ear impressions, video otoscopy, earwax removal and hearing evaluation services are included with all custom products.

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RK Audiology custom earplugs

Authorized providers for ACS Custom, Etymotic, 64 Audio / 1964 Ears and Westone Audio.

Golden Circle Certified Providers for Sensaphonics.

Preferred/Recommended Audiologists for JH Audio, 64 Audio and Ultimate Ears.

CLICK HERE to view a brief instruction video of inserting and removing your in-ear monitors.

Hands-on demonstrations of this new technology available at RK Audiology.
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REV33 with True Sound is a revolutionary audio technology developed for in-studio and live music professionals by REVx Acoustics. REV33 TrueSound™ fits between your IEMs and belt-pack receiver/ media player to reduce distortion and noise, minimizing ear fatigue. REV33 works with the drivers in your IEMs, allowing them to only pass only the True Sound of your music through, without the unwanted noise and distortion.
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Custom-Fit Sleeves

While universal eartips for your iPhone, Android or other smart device can provide an adequate fit, you can greatly improve the comfort and performance with a pair of custom sleeves.  Customs are more comfortable, seal better in your ears and can be worn for extended periods of time.  Great for listening to music and working out!

Musicians Earplugs

How do we hear music?  Click on the Fender to find out.

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Custom fit musicians earplugs

Customized products are for the discriminating performing musician, festival attendee or concertgoer.  Designed with flat attenuation characteristics allowing music to be heard accurately while at a safer volume; reducing volume levels evenly without affecting the overall sound quality.  These recessed canal earplugs are sleek and virtually unnoticeable.

Your choice of attenuating filters; perfect for any musician or music lover.

Special color options available.  Schedule your appointment today for your pair of customized earplugs.

RK Audiology and Custom Westone TRU earplugs

Custom-Fit Earphone Sleeves

Custom sleeves designed to fit your earphones.  Created from impressions we make of your ears these sleeves give you the highest level of comfort and sound isolation while providing a superior listening experience.

RK Audiology Sensaphonics Custom Sleeves for Shure SE425

Shure SE425 earphones made by Sensaphonics, recommended provider of custom-fit silicone sleeves for Shure earphones.

Custom Ear Protection:  Industrial, Recreational Sports, Firefighters, Motorcyclists, Sleep, Swimmers

Custom earplugs for high-noise environments including industry, construction, shooting range, motorsports, aircraft, emergency vehicles and personal use.

RK Audiology Westone DefendEar Digital

  Westone ACCES® (Attenuating Custom Communications Earpiece System)

RK Audiology and Sensaphonics Custom Fit Solid Earplugs

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