Hearing Protection

Life is filled with so many activities and sounds – recreational sports, music, fireworks, restaurants, concerts, motorcycles, power tools, industrial machinery and so much more.

Without hearing protection, noise exposure at levels of 85dB and above for an extended period of time may be unsafe and noise-induced hearing loss is possible.

Monitoring hearing with an annual hearing evaluation and protecting your hearing by wearing hearing protection – including filtered earplugs, earmuffs, and for performing musicians – in-ear monitors – help reduce the risk.

Click here to read more on Hearing Conservation Tips for Musicians.

Hear what noise-induced hearing loss sounds like. Watch GENERATION HEAR, produced for music educators to use in the classroom, musicians, parents and anyone committed to preserving musicians’ most precious asset—hearing.

Check out the sound rule by Etymotic for more specific information about your individual noise exposure.  Know the risk – watch the short video on using the sound rule and protecting your ears.

Options in Hearing Protection

Options in hearing protection range from earmuffs for infants and young children when attending events such as concerts, music festivals and fireworks displays, high-fidelity universal fit earplugs such as the ER20s from Etymotic or TRU from Westone, custom earplugs for musicians and music lovers, earmuffs and/or custom earplugs for recreational sports enthusiasts and industrial workers, and comfortable custom sleep plugs for a good night’s sleep.


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  • Don’t forget your protection.  Hearing loss may be permanent.