Evaluation & Consultation

Services at RK Audiology include hearing evaluations and the programming and repair of all major brands of hearing instruments, including Lyric Hearing, Oticon, Phonak, Resound, Signia, Starkey, and Widex.

To evaluate the performance of hearing instruments, we use Real Ear Measurement, Speech Mapping, and the latest programming software.

Our audiologists utilize Video Otoscopy – state-of-the-art equipment allowing both you and the audiologist to view your ears with a small camera that transmits images to a larger screen. We provide ear cleaning (earwax removal), ear impressions, and the fitting of custom hearing earmolds, earplugs, and headphones.

Have tinnitus (ringing, buzzing in the ears)? Our audiologists will evaluate, counsel, and offer treatment options for finding relief from your tinnitus.

Come see us to learn more about the latest treatment options, including Lenire.

Clinical trial information on Lenire can be found here: https://www.lenire.com/clinical-trials/

How Can We Help?

Clean & Check

Appointment for new or existing clients – we will clean and replace wax guards, switch out rechargeable batteries, replace earmold tubing, receivers, and mic covers for hearing instruments. We assess and repair in-ear monitors and hearing aids.

Devices will be sent to the lab/manufacturer for repair as needed.

Are your ears feeling plugged? Watch this video for some tips.

Hearing Evaluation

Comprehensive hearing evaluations are offered to determine the nature and degree of hearing difficulty and best treatment options. We have a high-frequency audiometer in our clinic to provide testing out to 20,000Hz.

Hearing Services Consult

Consult for new RK Audiology clients to discuss hearing services and/or new hearing aid technology options. Demonstrations of the latest hearing instrument technology and trial fittings are available.

Music & Hearing Protection Consult

Consult for new RK Audiology clients to discuss music products and other hearing protection options, including in-ear monitors, recreational sports plugs and sleep plugs.


Ear Cleaning

Service to clean the ear canals and remove non-occluding and occluding earwax. Video otoscopy is utilized during ear-cleaning sessions.

Ear Impressions

Custom ear impressions are made to send in to the lab of your choice for in-ear monitors and/or custom-fit earpieces. Shipping with tracking is provided for an additional charge as requested.


Custom-Fit Monitors & Custom Earpieces

Custom in-ear monitors, filtered earplugs, or sleeves (choice of drivers, colors, features) are our specialty at RK. Ear cleaning is included as needed prior to impressions and/or ear scans being made. and hearing evaluation. 30-day fit guarantee and ears scanned and kept on file for future use.

Fitting & Programming

This appointment is for fitting and programming of new hearing instrument technology and accessories purchased at RK Audiology. In addition, we offer service and repair of hearing aids purchased elsewhere for those who have moved to the area and are in search of an audiologist.

Speech mapping and real ear measurement testing (REM) is provided for all hearing instrument fittings. Probe microphones are sensitive calibrated devices to account for anatomical differences in ear canal length, width and resonance. Live speech mapping utilizes familiar sounds and real speech instead of artificial stimuli.

Lyric Hearing, Fitting & Service

RK Audiology is a Premier Provider for Lyric hearing instruments. Lyric is a great solution for active lifestyles and those seeking a discreet hearing technology. Incredible hearing, all day, every day, Lyric is 100% invisible, hassle free, sweat proof and shower proof, worn 24/7 for 2-3 months at a time. Our audiologists also replace Lyrics for those in the area traveling and away from their current providers.