RK Audiology’s Infection Control Policies

Keeping RK Clients and Staff Safe

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Our RK team is here for you. We have your health and safety in mind and want to keep you informed of our current policies and the latest updates to our procedures.

  • We have added telehealth and phone appointment options. These include hearing instrument repairs, adjustments, and the fitting & programming of new hearing instruments. Schedule online or give us a call to schedule (512) 704-7447.

  • In-office appointments are scheduled with a 15 to 30-minute gap in between clients to allow staff to disinfect our clinic.

  • Client paperwork will be sent to you ahead of time to fill out and return via email. This avoids in-office paperwork and reduces time in our waiting room.

  • When you arrive, please give our office a call (512) 704-7447. We will ask you to wait in your vehicle/outside until we are ready to see you. We will text or call you when ready.

  • You must wear a face mask, and all staff persons wear a mask, too. Our staff also wears gloves during any direct patient contact.

  • Removal of masks—which may be required for patients with profound hearing loss or other communication problems—is done at a safe distance. We also have clear mask options and face shields which are clear.

  • Curbside services are available for pickups and hearing aid repairs. Give us a call to set up a day/time (512) 704-7447.

  • RK has a new online shop! Visit our shop (https://shop.rkaudiology.com/) for your supply orders and we will ship to your door. If you need something which isn’t available in our shop at this time, give us a call (512) 704-7447 and we will mail to you.

– RK Audiology