Hearing Aid Care: Cleaning & Phone Connectivity



Hearing Instrument Compatibility & Connectivity:

Here you can learn which connectivity solutions your Oticon hearing aids support: https://www.oticon.com/support/compatibility

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Hearing Instrument Care:

  1. Your hearing instruments are resistant to water, sweat, and dust, however after exposure to any of these, clean and dry your hearing instruments.
  2. Daily – inspect the instruments and earpiece(s) for earwax and moisture. Clean the surface with a lint-free cloth, or use the small brush provided.
  3. Do not use cleaning agents such as detergents or soap.
  4. Weekly – clean your hearing instrument(s) and earpiece(s) with a soft, damp cloth.
  5. If you have wax guards, check these regularly and exchange them when they are dirty. We recommend replacing every 3-4 weeks or more often as needed.
    To replace, insert the removal side of the exchange tool into the used wax guard. Carefully pull and remove the wax guard. Turn the tool over to insert the new wax guard. Gently push the new wax guard into the hole of the speaker. Pull the tool straight out and the new wax guard will remain in place.
  6. If you have receiver-in-canal instruments, remove the earpiece (dome) from the speaker by holding the speaker with one hand and the earpiece with the other. Switch out the wax guard and clean the speaker with a lint-free cloth.

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Pairing Your Hearing Aids to Your Phone:



Step by Step:

1. Make sure your Bluetooth is on.
2. Start with your hearing aids turned off.
For hearing aids with standard batteries- the battery door should be open.
For rechargeable hearing aids- the hearing aids should be in the charger.
3. Open Settings
4. Scroll down to Accessibility- then click on it.
5. Scroll down to Hearing Devices- then click on it.
6. Turn on the hearing aids.
For hearing aids with standard batteries- close the battery doors.
For rechargeable hearing aids- remove hearing aids from the charger.
7. Wait until your name appears on the screen. Once your name and hearing aids appear on the screen, click on your name.
8. Press “Pair” on the pop-ups. This should happen twice if you have two hearing aids (once for the right side, once for the left side).
9. Then open your app- follow the prompts to connect. (If this is a new phone, you may need to download the app from the app store.)
If you have an iPhone, here is another helpful link from Apple: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201466