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Check out the latest from Oticon. The Opn has the best performance in noise of any hearing instrument technology to date. These new hearing instruments bring in a full soundscape to allow you to hear multiple speakers and to actively participate in conversations with more participants.

The Oticon ON app provides discreet remote control of your hearing aids, letting you adjust volume, change listening programs, or even help you find your hearing aids if you lose them. The ON app is also your connection to the wide variety of internet-connected solutions through the IFTTT service.

The latest in hearing technology also includesHearing aid research made for iPhone hearing aidsextended wear options and rechargeable products.

Easy and seamless wireless connectivity with mobile devices and internet-connected hearing aids.

Watch a video on the LiNX2, GN ReSound’s latest iPhone compatible hearing aids.  The LiNX2 offers a Smart App which gives you control of adjustments to your hearing instruments.

Extend your hearing even to the back seat of a car. ReSound’s new and discreet Micro Mic and Multi Mic significantly extend your listening range.

Hear from a musician who discusses the benefits of playing music wearing the hearing technology.

Concerned about possible hearing loss? Check out the national hearing test and schedule a hearing evaluation with us. RK Audiology has a high-frequency clinical audiometer, allowing for hearing measurements out to 20,000Hz.

If hearing loss is determined, our providers review options with you and select the best technology for your needs.

Customize your listening experience by matching to your own preferences, easily, discreetly from your phone.  Additional helpful features include “find my hearing aid” and geotagging.  With this feature, the wearer can set a certain location (such as the car, favorite restaurant or theater) with particular settings.  When re-visiting the same place, the device will prompt the user to activate these same settings.

Oticon OPN

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Hearing instrument styles may be broadly classified as standard or custom. In addition, they may be further defined as daily or extended wear.

Standard includes receiver-in-the-ear (RITE), receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) and behind-the-ear (BTE) devices.  These are designed to fit most ears and usually require some customization of the earpiece and the connection of the device to the earpiece.

Custom includes in-the-ear (ITE), in-the-canal (ITC), completely-in-the-canal (CIC) and invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) devices.  These require a custom-molded shell which houses the electronics.  Both standard and custom hearing aid technology are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Extended wear devices are non-surgically placed in each ear canal by an audiologist and stay in 24/7 for 2-3 months at a time.  These invisible hearing aid devices are purchased on a subscription basis and replaced in our office.

Directed Audio

Directed Audio emits sound in a highly controlled, narrow beam – much like how a flashlight beams light. Sound stays confined to this narrow beam and as a result travels directly to the listener without bouncing around the room.

RK Audiology HyperSound Clear 500

HyperSound Clear™ 500P is a state-of-the-art directed audio system designed to help you hear the TV more clearly without the use of headphones.


Our audiologists will program the system to your hearing profile and personal preferences. This allows you to listen at your chosen volume without disturbing others in the room. Family and friends will be able to hear the same show at their chosen overall room volume. Click here to schedule your HyperSound demo today.

HyperSound Living Room

RK Audiology Office

Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs)

Personal sound amplification products (PSAPs) are devices used to amplify hard-to-hear sounds for those with normal hearing. For example, PSAPs may help to hear from the back of a lecture hall, while eating in a crowded restaurant or to assist in hearing the high-pitched call of various birds while bird watching.  Sound Advice: If your hearing is impaired, don’t use a PSAP as a substitute for a hearing aid. That may delay the diagnosis of a potentially treatable condition, and cause more damage to your hearing. (Excerpt taken from the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information: Buying a Hearing Aid)

One or Two Hearing Aids

If both ears need amplification, your audiologist will recommend two devices.  Research has shown that two hearing aids provide superior benefit including better word recognition in quiet and noisy backgrounds, better quality of sound, localization ability, and more natural hearing.  Research has also shown that when both ears have hearing loss and only one ear is fitted, the unaided ear may lose speech recognition ability more rapidly than the fitted ear.


RK Audiology Resound LiNX2 App for Hearing Aids


Phonak Hearing Aids at RK Audiology                 ReSound LiNX2 at RK Audiology  ReSound Wireless Accessories


Several features are available to improve your hearing technology experience. Directional microphones enhance speech understanding in noise, smart algorithms help manage background noise, feedback cancellation alleviates the annoyance of whistling and buzzing, and telephone/telecoil options access sound from phones and other sound sources.

Smart apps, wireless / bluetooth / remote microphone technologies allow for smart communication between hearing devices as well as pairing to cell phones, TV, MP3 players and other devices.


Following your hearing evaluation and hearing instrument selection, the devices are fit and programmed, tailored to your own hearing thresholds, communication needs and preferences.

Your new hearing instruments will allow you to hear without discomfort while being secure and physically comfortable.  This new technology will be evaluated in our office with tests including real ear measurement, as well as in sound environments important to you.

Untreated hearing loss impairs memory, may cause difficulty related to learning new tasks and may result in decreased job performance.  Hearing loss treated with the use of hearing technology has been shown to decrease fatigue and irritability, lower risk to personal safety and decrease withdrawal from social situations.  In a number of research studies (link) the regular use of hearing aids was shown to increase the wearer’s quality of life.

Portions of this information has been republished with permission from the American Academy of Audiology

For more information, review the Consumer Reports Hearing Aid Buying Guide, updated September 2015.


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