Whisper Hearing Aids

For decades, hearing aids have been evolving, dynamically changing to adapt to the uniquely diverse needs of people with hearing loss. Whisper hearing aids are a new addition to the world of hearing aids, providing a whole new perspective to how hearing devices are used and acquired.

What are Whisper hearing aids?

Whisper hearing aids are powered by advanced hardware, software, and artificial intelligence. Designed to upgrade over time, Whisper hearing aids lessen the chance of having to set aside an old hearing device to upgrade to a new one.

With Whisper hearing aids, you can be assured that your device is running on the latest technology so you can enjoy an incredible hearing experience with a device that smartly adjusts to various listening situations.

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The Whisper Advantage

Whisper hearing aids are small and pocket-sized AI powerhouses that have the ability to separate sounds in real time to help you enjoy the best and most accurate listening experience.

The Whisper Brain is responsible for providing the device with AI-based learning capabilities like no other device on the market can offer. Think of the Whisper Brain as the hub where all the learning-capabilities and AI intelligence of the device convenes.

There’s also a Whisper smartphone app that sends regular software updates straight to your hearing aids.

The Whisper Hearing Subscription Package

When you sign up fort a Whisper hearing aid subscription, you receive the following:

  • The Whisper Brain
  • Two earpieces
  • Brain Charger
  • Earpiece Carrying Case
  • Earpiece Cleaning Tool
  • Wax Guards
  • Owner’s Manual

Whisper Hearing Aid Subscription

Unlike mainstream hearing aids that need to be “purchased,” Whisper hearing aids can be acquired through a monthly subscription plan.

By paying one fee, you are given a lease of your very own Whisper Hearing System along with regular software updates, 3-year warranty (damage and loss), and ongoing care, maintenance and support.

Is a Whisper hearing aid subscription worth it?

Not a lot of hearing aids on the market today are available through subscription. The good thing is, since hearing aid subscriptions are relatively new, you can expect a lot of breakthroughs and exclusive features along the way.

Below are some of the reasons why we recommend the Whisper hearing aid subscription:

Sound Separation Engine – with this proprietary feature, Whisper hearing aids can optimize sound in real-time. It smartly adapts to various listening situations so you can confidently breeze through the day without worrying about muffled or distorted sounds.

Ongoing Expert Care – Our audiologists at RK Audiology are trained to navigate through and customize the Whisper Hearing System. We will make sure that your needs, preferences, and concerns are addressed so you’re always hearing at your best.

3-year lease – With a 3-year lease, you don’t have to worry about monthly or annual renewals. Live your life to the fullest with no strings attached!

3-year warranty – During the 3-year lease, your Whisper hearing aid(s) is under warranty for loss and damage.

Regular Software Upgrades – No need to worry about missing out on an important software update, thanks to the Whisper smartphone app.

Whisper Hearing Aids – Austin TX

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