RK’s Top 5 Remote Hearing Care Hacks For These Changing Times

As we continue to weather these changing times, RK Audiology wants to make sure that you have the best access to care in our office and your home. These top remote hearing care hacks can help you stay on top of your hearing health as you navigate our current landscape.

1. Elephant Ear Washer System

Safer ear cleaning at home has never been more straightforward with the first item on our top remote hearing care list: the Elephant Ear Washer System. This all-in-one system provides a safe alternative to cotton swabs with a nozzle that squirts water into the ear canal, which can then be drained over a sink, in the shower, or into an ear basin. Remember, for truly safe earwax removal, you should always consult your audiologist, who can teach you how to use your own Elephant Ear Washer System safely. You can find this practical device in the RK Shop: https://shop.rkaudiology.com/s/shop

2. Home-care Otoscopes

An otoscope is a tool used to view the outer ear, ear canal, and eardrum. Having one of these handy in your home can serve as an early screening process that saves you time and money. By providing clear views of your ears, which can then be sent to our office, an otoscope helps us know when you need to come in for an in-person appointment. As always, review with your audiologist how to use any instrument that goes near your ears safely. We recommend the Bebird Otoscope: https://www.bebirdmall.com/

3. Online Hearing Tests

Our virtual hearing test is one of our newest RK website features, and it’s quickly becoming a favorite telehealth option. By going to https://rkaudiology.com/hearing-test-online/, you can test your hearing remotely. You can keep track of your hearing by checking it at regular intervals (we recommend every 3 to 6 months, or sooner if you notice a change in hearing). Contact us with questions or schedule a time to come in and see us for a comprehensive audiological evaluation or your annual hearing test: https://rkaudiology.com

4. Rechargeable hearing aids

Rechargeable hearing aids have improved so much in recent years that they will likely soon replace the disposable battery-powered hearing aids altogether. That’s excellent news for hearing aid wearers, as this eliminates the need to change batteries multiple times per day, cutting down on time, bother, and overall cost. If you are used to one-charge-per-day as you do with a mobile device, the new lithium-ion batteries last all day, making an overnight charge easy and convenient. Ask your audiologist if rechargeable batteries are available for your current hearing instruments and/or if it is time for an upgrade to new hearing technology.

5. Remote Care For Your Hearing Tech

You may be wondering if all these remote hearing care hacks are going to require time-consuming and costly upkeep. Fortunately, RK Audiology has you covered. We have curbside dropoff and pickup, as well as a 24/7 dropbox available. We will service, repair, and clean your hearing tech for you! Take a look at our services here: https://rkaudiology.com/our-services/

For our DIY-ers, you can take care of your hearing aids easily. Watch this tutorial for more information: https://rkaudiology.com/hearing-aid-care/

The world is quickly changing, and RK Audiology knows how to keep your hearing safe and healthy. Try some of the items on our remote care hearing list to make a smooth transition, or set up an appointment for more information today.