The new year is already going strong, and to help you have more good things this year, we’re excited to tell you about the latest hearing technology we’ve added to our collection: the Oticon More™, the Phonak Paradise, and Phonak Virto Black. These three new hearing technology options are at the top of our 2021 list of hearing technology for better connections.

Oticon More™

The Oticon More™ was released at the beginning of the year and already shows promise. Since there is a strong link between hearing loss left untreated and a heightened risk of dementia, it’s clear that Oticon has used this knowledge to design a better device. This hearing aid carries 30% more sound to the brain, which means your speech understanding can increase as much as 15%. It also means reduced listening effort, making it easier for you to remember what is said. It has even been shown to reduce tinnitus for some wearers.

These hearing aids are well-connected to today’s technology. You can use them to stream directly from your smartphone or your TV (it comes with an adapter, so your TV doesn’t even have to be a specific type). You can also make hands-free calls through your smartphone.

Maintenance on this device is very user-friendly. It has its own app so you can discreetly adjust the controls on your hearing aids. It also has its own charger that gives you a full 24 hours of life, with an additional 6 hours using the 30-min quick charge feature.

Phonak Audéo™ Paradise

Phonak also understands that better speech understanding is key to designing effective hearing technology for better connections with its new Phonak Audéo™ Paradise. This device focuses on delivering crisper and more natural sound with its Speech Enhancer feature, which “boosts soft-level speech” in quiet environments or from a distance. It also uses a personalized approach with its Dynamic Noise Cancellation feature, which allows you to choose the amount of noise to filter when you are in various environments.

Audéo™ is also user-friendly by connecting to prominent technology like smartphones and Bluetooth® (you can even connect two Bluetooth® devices at the same time). In addition, this device has a voice assistant feature you can access with just a tap, allowing you to answer calls, stream music, and more. It also has its app to give you control over your device and connect with other amazing features.

Phonak Virto Marvel Black

In search of a style that looks just like a wireless earbud? We must mention the Virto Black. This fully connected, in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid combines Marvel hearing technology with the style of a modern hearable. This 2020 “Best of CES” has a customized fit for your individual ears, a clear sound, connects to all your devices, and has a smart app that gives you quick, personalized, fine-tuning options.

At RK, we are always looking ahead to sharing more advancements in technology, and more ways to serve you better. Check our “Technology” page for more information on the latest technology at RK Audiology. Then check out our 3-minute online hearing test and schedule an appointment today!