Between our heavily populated cities and our commuter culture, finding some peace and quiet to sleep can be a challenge – even in your own home. If you’re experiencing problems related to sleep in noisy environments, you’re not alone. While healthy nutrition and exercise practices (as well as that perfect pillow) can help sleep overall, RK Audiology has some suggestions for getting a peaceful night’s sleep in environments that aren’t so peaceful.

Sound Machines

Sound machine technology has vastly improved over time. You can even find apps that offer a variety of features, from mixing your own soundtrack to offering pre-bedtime meditations to put you in the right mindset.

Our app recommendation: White Noise Pro (for iOS & Android)

Foam Earplugs

Perhaps the simplest way to catch some Z’s when you’re at home or abroad is basic foam earplugs. These are inexpensive, widely available in most drug stores, and easy to take with you anywhere. A pair fits effortlessly in an overnight bag, the pocket of a handbag or backpack, or even your own back pocket.

Custom Earplugs

If you’re looking to level up on earplugs, you can’t go wrong with a custom-fitted pair. These upgrades on basic foam earplugs are form-fitting, made of soft material, and offer greater comfort when sleeping.

Check out our favorite models:

Earbuds with Audio Stimulation

One of the things we recommend to our clients with tinnitus is auditory stimulation. Streaming podcasts, or playing music or an audiobook before bed does wonders to help people fall asleep.

Sleep in Noisy Environments Resources

There are many resources to help you find that elusive undisturbed rest:

Finding ways to prevent pesky noises from ruining your slumber is easier than ever, whether you’re on that red-eye for a job, or just want to block out the construction down the street (or hallway). For more information on better sleep in noisy environments, contact us or schedule an appointment today!