As we move into a new era, the question of how to keep ourselves safe from COVID-19 and other pandemics is evolving from immediate control practices to how things should look moving forward. RK Audiology cares about our client’s safety beyond quarantine as much as we care about the current situation. To accommodate you better, we have initiated some new services to help flatten the curve now and to help prevent future outbreaks.

New Safety Measures

Curbside Audiology

You no longer have to come into our office to drop off or hearing aid pick up repairs. Simply call our office ahead of time and we will meet you at the curb, saving you time and assisting you with social distancing.

Telehealth Appts

Many of our services are now available via phone or video conferencing. These appointments are all HIPAA compliant and easy to schedule. Get more information here:

Online shop

To lessen contact, we’ve put some of our best products online in a new shop. You can find items such as:

  • Ear care and cleaning products 
  • Supplies for the care and maintenance of your hearing aids
  • Cleansing wipes to keep your devices clean

With free shipping, this new store will make purchasing your regular ear and device care supplies convenient and cost-effective. You can even find gift cards for you and your loved ones.

Safety Beyond Quarantine Means Changing Our Habits

Once we are all moving forward again, it’s important to remember that we can help prevent future outbreaks by continuing to use some of the new routines we’ve developed over the last few months. There are simple things you can do to ensure your safety and others’ safety beyond quarantine:

  • Wash your hands frequently – We come in contact with germs and dirt in every part of our lives. Washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (Humming the birthday song twice is a good indicator!), helps keep your hands clean and disinfected. 
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow or shoulder – Covering your mouth whenever you cough or sneeze is always a good practice. After the face masks come off, make sure to sneeze or cough into your elbow or shoulder.
  • Stay home if you’re sick – We’re learning new things about work/life balance during this process, and one takeaway should be to stay home when you feel an illness coming on. It helps others stay healthy and helps you get better more quickly.
  • Personal self-awareness – Once we’re all able to be in closer contact again, it is still a good idea to develop personal awareness of yourself and the people and things around you. Keeping surfaces disinfected and observing personal space can go a long way toward keeping us all healthy.

We will continue to find new and convenient ways to help our clients adapt during this time and increase everyone’s safety beyond quarantine. Check out our new shop or book an appointment today!