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Earwax is one of the most common ear problems that people all over the world experience. While most people think that using cotton swabs and Q-tips are the best way to clean their ears, that’s not actually true. Audiologists discourage the use of cotton swabs and other pointed objects because it can do more harm than good – you could end up pushing the earwax deeper into the ear canal. That being said, what is a safe way to remove impacted earwax?

Say hello to the OtoSet® Ear Cleaning System! OtoSet® is a smart machine designed to clean ears, delivering a safe, quick, effective, and mess-free device to remove impacted earwax.

Ear Cleaning Machine

What sets the OtoSet® ear cleaning system apart from other ear cleaning devices is that it efficiently reduces procedure time from 20 minutes to just less than 5 minutes. It’s as short as brushing your teeth or washing your face! If you’re looking for an efficient machine to clean your ears, the OtoSet® is the device for you. Enjoy mess-free ear cleaning with a suction mechanism that collects all liquid and earwax into the waste containers.

The OtoSet® ear cleaning system is also safe as it directs liquid flow towards the walls of the ear canals. It is clinically proven to remove mild to severe ear wax impactions. The ears are very delicate parts of the body so extra care and precise cleaning is needed.

Earwax and Hearing Loss

Did you know that earwax can cause temporary hearing loss? While earwax is a natural body secretion that helps protect the ear canals, excessive production may lead to impaction.

Earwax impaction can cause symptoms such as temporary hearing loss, and, if left untreated, could lead to more complications in the auditory system.

Earwax impaction affects all ages, and with more people working from home and having virtual meetings using earbuds and headphones, audiologists are finding that ears are getting impacted more often and cleaning is needed on a regular basis.

Thanks to technology and innovations in the hearing healthcare industry, a machine to clean ears now exists. Traditionally, earwax removal involved spray bottles, syringes, and water flossers that are not only time-consuming, but messy as well. With the OtoSet® ear cleaning system, healthcare professionals can offer a more modern way to perform earwax removal.

The OtoSet® is an ear cleaning machine that significantly reduces procedure time and gives patients a smoother and more convenient earwax removal session.

Ear Cleaning Device for Modern Clinics

The OtoSet® ear cleaning system is the first automated and FDA-cleared ear cleaning machine for clinical use. With just a push of a button, micro-suction technology and liquid flow combine to intelligently break down, loosen, and remove impacted earwax. OtoSet® paves the way for a modern, quick, effective, safe, and mess-free earwax removal procedure.

Medgadget’s Best Medical Technologies of 2020

Even though the OtoSet® ear cleaning system has been just released in the market, it has already received recognition in several award-giving bodies and organizations including Medgadget.

OtoSet® is not only leading the ear cleaning machine category in terms of precision and efficiency; it’s design is also making ripples in the industry. Basically, OtoSet® is a machine to clean ears that looks like a pair of headphones (only with suction and irrigation tips).

From set-up to cleanup, the procedure can be as short as five minutes. The good thing about the OtoSet® ear cleaning device is that it is powerful enough to deal with severe earwax buildup.

OtoSet® Ear Cleaning Machine: How It Works

The ear cleaning machine runs a 20 to 35-second cleaning cycle, where liquid flow is directed from the solution containers through the ear tips towards the walls of the ear canals. During this phase, the earwax is initially loosened and broken down.

The continuous micro-suction mechanism of the OtoSet® ear cleaning device effectively draws the earwax and liquid back through the ear tips and into the disposable waste containers for an absolutely zero-mess procedure like no other.


OtoSet® Ear Cleaning Machine – Austin, TX

Don’t let impacted earwax get in the way of your daily life. If left untreated, impacted earwax can be a major disturbance, causing hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness, and discomfort.

RK Audiology proudly offers OtoSet® ear cleaning services in Austin, TX. We are one of the few clinics who are offering this world-class earwax removal procedure. Come experience the OtoSet® ear cleaning experience at our clinic.

 The RK Audiology Ear Spa: Professional Ear Wax Removal

The RK team has added a new earwax treatment option – the Earigator™ – the latest in cerumen management technology. This is a step up from the Otoset ear cleaning system.

The Earigator™ is a unique treatment that combines all the functionality of a traditional ear irrigation system with video otoscopy, allowing the audiologist to maintain full view and control of the process – a step up from the Otoset system. You can learn more about the Earigator™ system here.

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