We’re really excited here at RK Audiology, and the reason is clear: the OtoscanⓇ Digital Ear Scanner. If you grew up dreaming of advanced gadgets like the ones in sci-fi movies and television, then you can understand why we couldn’t wait to tell you about this exciting new technology. This ear scanner is ahead of its time and is giving us new insight into the way we take care of you, the client. It’s official: the future is here.

What is a Digital Ear Scanner?

OtoscanⓇ is a 3D digital scanner for the ear. It renders 3D images of the inside and outside of the ear which are then saved for creating a digital earmold. This mold then assists in creating custom “in-ear” hearing aids and other custom earpieces with shorter turnaround time.

How Ear Scans Help Your Hearing

RK has recently acquired a 3D digital scanner and the results are amazing. Aside from greater accuracy in creating molds for hearing devices, the scanner is a much more comfortable experience for our clients than traditional ear molds. We are also able to keep these files on hand for future use to help our clients down the road. That means no need to schedule another visit for new scans.

Furthermore, this 3D ear scan allows our clients an accurate view of their own ear. This helps in explaining the often complicated ways in which the ear works and the best methods of treatment. In other words, we love the way it helps you learn how to care for your ears.

Ear Cleaning and Ear Scans Go Hand-in-Hand

If you have visited our office or read our blog posts, you know that we place high importance on getting your ears cleaned safely. One thing we love about the new scanner is how well it supports this treatment. Having an unobstructed view of your ear is key in diagnosing possible issues early on. When you get an ear cleaning and an ear scan together, you are getting the most effective results. It’s as if the two procedures were made for each other!

In general, we love the new Otoscan 3D Digital Ear Scanner. Ear scans are a big part of the future of hearing healthcare, and we can’t wait for you to experience the benefits!

For more information on getting a quality cleaning and scan, schedule an appointment online with us today!