If you have an active lifestyle and have been searching for a discreet hearing technology option, Lyric hearing will be music to your ears.

We work with a wide range of hearing technology at RK and want to highlight options that meet particular needs for our clients. Lyric is a good fit for those searching for an invisible solution for hearing loss.

These devices are 100% invisible because they are placed in your ear canal by your audiologist. In addition to the aesthetic value, you will not have to worry about daily insertion and removal or changing the battery. Once seated, the device is so comfortable, you’re likely to forget you have it in. Furthermore, Lyric is easily controlled with the SoundLync™ tool, making it even more convenient.

The best part – Lyric supports your active lifestyle. You can still use headphones and wear this device while sleeping. It’s even water resistant, so you can hit the gym and take a shower. This device works for you 24/7 with no maintenance…and no one will ever know.

Learn more here and on the Lyric Hearing website. Then Schedule an appointment for a no-obligation trial today!