The wax from the ears is normally eliminated by the body. The ability to eliminate ear wax is part of the normal ear function. Earwax is designed to come out of the ear canal through movements of the jaw such as yawning or chewing. However, not everyone produces earwax at the same pace; some individuals may create more earwax, which may result in impaction as well as other auditory problems.

It may be a common practice in your household to clean your ears with a cotton swab, but it’s not actually a smart idea. As audiologists, we discourage any method of DIY ear cleaning, whether it involves cotton swabs, bobby pins, ear candles, etc.

In all honesty, none of these items will produce good results. It doesn’t matter how many YouTube “ear wax removal” or “ear cleaning” video tutorials you watch; you cannot fully clean your ears or get rid of impacted earwax unless you see an audiologist.

In fact, if you pierce your eardrum or make the obstruction worse, you run the risk of getting an ear infection or perforating your eardrums.

Why is earwax buildup removal necessary?

If an excessive amount of earwax has accumulated in your ears, professional cleaning is required. It is crucial to clean your ears because failing to do so may lead to infections and other auditory issues like earaches, vertigo, tinnitus, or hearing loss.

Most people use cotton swabs in an attempt to remove earwax from their ears. Cotton swabs shouldn’t be used to remove wax because doing so could only push the particles deeper into the ear.

Cotton swabs should only be used to clean the outer part of the ear. Never insert cotton buds or Q-tips into your ear canal to avoid harming your inner ear and eardrum.

What is the most effective way to clean your ears?

Visiting an audiologist is the safest method to get rid of wax accumulation. An audiologist may use specialized tools, such as forceps, a cerumen spoon, or suction equipment to remove the obstruction. Some audiology clinics also provide professional irrigation services.

Earigator in Austin, TX

The Earigator is a recently introduced ear irrigation system that uses a secure and tried-and-true method to “flush out” the ear canal and structure. This one-of-a-kind device combines an otoscope with the entire functionality of a conventional ear irrigation system, giving us complete visibility and control over the procedure.

The device features a built-in temperature control feature that consistently adjusts the water’s temperature to conform to your body’s temperature. You can prevent any caloric impacts or unwelcome vertigo symptoms as a result. Precision-level pressure controls guarantee prompt, efficient clearance of even the most difficult accumulation while completely avoiding eardrum damage.

The process just requires 3-5 minutes per ear, which is far quicker than conventional techniques.

You can now experience the comfort and convenience of the Earigator at RK Audiology. Choose from one of our conveniently situated offices in Austin or Westlake to get your ears examined by one of our licensed and experienced audiologists.

Professional ear cleaning in Austin, TX

Earwax buildup symptoms are not at all enjoyable. Visit an audiologist straight away if you experience any symptoms that make you think you might have earwax impaction or another auditory issue.

Get a thorough ear cleaning from a reputed audiologist to protect the health of your ears. Through professional ear cleaning, you have the peace of mind that your hearing health is in good hands. With professional ear cleaning, you get to enjoy clean and healthy ears without any risks.

RK Audiology provides professional ear cleaning services in Austin, TX, and nearby locations. Contact us today to book an appointment!