Is it possible to improve your hearing once hearing loss has occurred?

Hearing loss could happen to anyone, regardless of age or gender. Hearing loss affects one in three people over the age of 65 and half of people over the age of 75. Age-related hearing loss is known as presbycusis. There is no medical or surgical treatment for hearing loss caused by noise. Damaged hair cells of the ear do not regenerate, hence, you should do your best to protect your hearing. If you are already diagnosed with hearing loss, you should make an effort to prevent it from getting worse.

In this blog post, we’re going to share with you simple tips on how you can improve your hearing.

Keep the volume down

Keeping the noise level as low as you can is a simple strategy to improve your hearing comfort and health. If your surroundings are 85 dB or louder, you should, wherever feasible, go away from the loud noise. If this is not an option, be sure you constantly wear hearing protection to prevent any major damage to your hearing.

Be on the lookout for earwax

A buildup of ear wax may have an impact on your ability to hear. Your ears might not be as sensitive to noises as normal if ear wax is blocking them. But don’t panic; ear wax buildup is both typical and fairly manageable. The consequences of hearing loss can be reduced or even completely eliminated with professional ear wax removal.

Stay fit and active

Your ears will benefit from your overall health if you stay in shape, and regular exercise is the simplest way to do this. You may improve your blood flow and cardiac circulation by walking or jogging, gardening, cleaning the house, or even simply completing simple household chores.

Yoga and Relaxation

Many people who experience hearing loss claim that occasionally, practicing yoga can improve their hearing. Your head receives more oxygen-rich blood while you are relaxed and stretching in poses like downward dog, which may improve your hearing.

Improve your hearing by observing proper ear hygiene

Bacteria and fungi flourish in the ear canals’ cozy, dark environment. If water gets inside your ears, it’s possible for germs and fungus to start growing there. Otitis externa, sometimes referred to as swimmer’s ear, is an ear infection. Ear infections can cause discomfort, discharge, itching, and a feeling of fullness. Recovery from swimmer’s ear might take up to six weeks, perhaps longer. Keep your ears dry and germ-free to prevent ear infections.

Wear hearing protection

The most frequent and easily avoidable cause of hearing loss is exposure to loud noises. It is advisable that you use dependable hearing protection if you are going to a place or attending an event where you will be exposed to loud noises. Even though it may sound cliche, the greatest method for improving hearing is to guard against damage in the first place. Keep the volume on your earphones, headphones, or earbuds at no more than 60% to prevent hearing loss. Consult your audiologist for the finest occupational hearing protection if your employment routinely exposes you to loud noises.

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