Summer is a great time to indulge your favorite hobbies. Whether you’re out in nature, out on the lake, or out on the town, those humid summer days and warm summer nights make for a great chance to get out and have some fun. While hearing safety is important all summer long, here are some specific reasons why protecting your ears for your favorite hobbies is just a great idea.


Part of the joy of this hobby is hearing the symphony of bird song, or vocalizations. More importantly, being a proficient birder depends on a good sense of hearing. Hearing loss in the high frequencies is a common affliction, and as a birder, this will mean that you cannot hear bird calls or track birds and other wildlife. Furthermore, poor hearing can muddy the distinction between a mimic and an actual bird call.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a hobby that should carry a healthy dose of respect. Being a well-prepared climber, however, makes this hobby fun and healthy. While the right gear, technique, and practice are needed for a safe climb, healthy hearing should also be a part of every climber’s preparation. A climber with diminished hearing cannot hear instructions from a partner or team. Also, a climber with hearing loss may have poor localization (the ability to tell the direction of a sound source in 3D space). These things can lead to missteps. Keep your hearing healthy, so it can keep you healthy.


When the weather warms up, many of us seek outdoor sports to get our blood pumping. Did you know that the sound of a ball on a racket sounds different when you have hearing loss? It may seem like a small thing, but keeping your hearing on point can give you the competitive edge.


Music is a big part of summer. From outdoor concerts to tunes by the pool, summer has a soundtrack. Everyone remembers their favorite song from “that summer when…” This rings especially true if you are a musician. Hearing loss can seriously affect those summer memories, in more ways than one.

Hobbies may not begin with healthy hearing, yet it’s clear you will enhance your summer fun by getting treatment for hearing loss and protecting your hearing. Schedule an appointment with RK Audiology today to find out how you can get the best out of the season!