Hearing accessibility is getting the boost it deserves with new Apple Watch features. Apple’s hearing initiative is making it easier than ever for those with hearing issues to manage solutions to everyday problems. It’s as simple as the press of a button.

Apple’s Hearing Health Study

Early in 2019, Apple announced a new health initiative that would tackle some major issues involving heart health, women’s health, and hearing health. They have partnered with organizations like the American Heart Association and the World Health Organization to create studies through their Research app, which they believe “democratizes how medical research is conducted.” Late last year, they rolled out a number of new features on some of their most popular devices.

Hearing Accessibility with the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch® has some impressive features in store for those who need better hearing accessibility. These features utilize tactile response as well as visual alerts to help those with hearing issues. When paired with the iPhone®, they are revolutionizing hearing accessibility.

  • Noise App: Track decibel levels in your environment to make good decisions about your hearing health and protect your hearing.
  • Taptic Engine: Receive tactile sensations to warn you of upcoming announcements. A simple “tap” alerts you so you never miss an important message.
  • Scribble: Write a response by scribbling simple text on the display.
  • Mono Audio: Allows you to adjust balance in Bluetooth headphones to compensate for hearing issues in one ear or the other.

Hearing Accessibility with iPhone®

These additional iPhone® apps and features add to Apple’s accessibility initiative.

  • Live Listen: Works with your hearing in noise devices to focus on conversations in loud places.
  • Siri: Set up Siri to type instead of speak commands and ask questions.
  • Facetime: Long used by deaf and hard of hearing people, this app comes on all Mac and Apple devices.
  • iMessage: Unlimited messages in this text-based app help keep you connected with everyone.
  • Closed Caption: Purchase CC-supported videos in the iTunes Store or iTunes U and watch on your phone.

Thanks to the Apple Watch® and iPhone®, hearing accessibility is becoming better than ever. To learn more about how to integrate Apple products to your lifestyle, schedule an appointment with RK Audiology today!