Frequently Asked Questions

Real Ear

Q : The human ear can perceive frequencies between approximately 20 and twenty thousand hertz but the range varies greatly between different people True or false

A : True. The range of hearing does vary for a number of reasons including a person’s age, genetics, overall health and environment.

Ear Wax

Hearing Test

Q : Do I need hearing aids if I have hidden hearing loss or trouble hearing in noisy places and if so will my hearing gets worse if I doN’T wear one?

A : Generally hearing aids do not help with hidden hearing loss. There is current, ongoing research using drug therapies as well as auditory rehabilitation therapies to determine if hearing can be restored and recovered.

Q : Are there closed captioning apps that work with Oticon hearing aids via Iphone?

A :  There are captioning apps for iPhones. Check out and Currently, Oticon does not have a specific solution within their app which offers closed captioning.

Q : If a child does not respond to 1000 Hz in a hearing test is this considered a fail

A :  If a child’s hearing test results are outside the normal range at only one frequency, a retest is recommended.


Q : Does having hearing aid programmed in your home environment make a better hearing experience as opposed to inside an audiologists office?

A : It is important to have hearing aids fit and programmed by an audiologist who uses best practices. Objectively, there should be no difference in the outcome or performance of hearing aids programmed in-home by a hearing healthcare professional. However, due to the constraints of transporting equipment and supplies, often there are more resources available in the clinic to address a broader range of services which may be needed during a fitting session.

Q : Does teleaudiology yield better hearing results in the patient’s home environment vs the audiologist office?

A : Teleaudiology is a viable and needed alternative for those who are not able to travel to a clinic. However it is generally not as effective as an in-office visit due to current technology connectivity limitations. The in-person hearing healthcare appointment also provides a more in-depth visit for patient care.

Hearing Aids

Q : What determines if a dome or earmold is used with hearing aid?

A : Whether a dome or earmold is chosen for a hearing aid fitting is based on the type and degree of hearing loss, as well as ear anatomy.