Ear wax removal is an important part of hearing health, and here at RK Audiology, we’re stepping up our game with the new EarigatorTM from Nupurtech. This new piece of technology is easy to use, and a safer, more comfortable way to clean ears. Clients have even referred to it as an “ear spa.” Here’s a quick breakdown of this new technique.

How the EarigatorTM works

The EarigatorTM nozzle flushes body temperature water into the ear, dislodging impacted cerumen (earwax) that can cause hearing difficulties. The catch basin is shaped to fit snugly under the ear, preventing the removed earwax from getting on clients’ clothes, hair, or body. In addition, a smock is worn by the client during the procedure, which takes as little as five minutes.

Why the EarigatorTM is so effective at earwax removal

The EarigatorTM is part otoscope, part irrigator, allowing your audiologist a more accurate view as they are cleaning your ears. This is also helped by the LED light and magnifying glass attached directly to the nozzle.

The nozzle spray itself can be adjusted for both temperature and pressure, allowing the most comfortable experience for you, the client. It is made more comfortable by its simple and thoughtful design: a trigger nozzle to help the audiologist control the pressure more easily, a shield to reduce splashback, and a well-designed catch basin. These small, simple features make this the safest and most effective earwax removal technology available.

It’s so effective, it’s even used in emergency rooms.

Our new earwax removal procedure

At RK Audiology, we are always looking for the safest and most effective ways to serve our clients. The EarigatorTM has allowed us to create a more streamlined procedure that will continue to keep you safe and comfortable. We love feedback from our clients on how we can improve our services, so let us know what you think!

  1. As always, we start with a sterile environment, following the latest CDC guidelines
  2. We begin by reviewing your ear health history with you – including discussing any history of pain or discomfort, and/or any previous ear surgeries. This is the perfect time to ask questions. 
  3. We use video otoscopy to view your ear canals and eardrums. With our large monitor, you will see what we see during your ear cleaning appointment. 
  4. The water is pre-prepped to a comfortable temperature.
  5. We have you wear a smock and the water basin is placed in position under the ear to be cleaned.
  6. The audiologist will check water temperature and begin the procedure, cleaning one ear at a time.
  7. Once the procedure is complete, the audiologist will dry your ears and view both ears again using the video otoscope, giving you and the audiologist a ‘before’ and ‘after’ view.

Check out our brand new page for ear cleaning. You can make an appointment to get your ears cleaned with this brand new tool by taking our Online Hearing Test and then scheduling an appointment today.