Whisper has released a new product with some big brains. Whisper AI is a cutting-edge hearing system that gets smarter over time, and the key to this pocket-sized system is the Whisper Brain.


The Whisper Brain

Like traditional hearing aids, Whisper AI comes with earpieces to transmit sound to your ears. The Whisper Brain actually processes sound in real-time, enhancing it before it gets to your ears. This is achieved by two components: a new kind of hardware and intelligent “learning” software.


AI and The Sound Separation Engine

The hardware that does the heavy lifting of this process is called the Sound Separation Engine. Every Whisper Brain comes with this state-of-the-art hardware already installed. The Engine uses groundbreaking artificial intelligence software that operates in real-time, processing and optimizing sound based on your environment. This software uses algorithms that identify different sounds – such as conversation and ambient noise – and sorts out the unimportant “filler” noise so “you can hear more of what you want, and less of what you don’t.”

Once the sound has been optimized, it is sent wirelessly to your earpieces via the Whisper Brain. The Whisper Brain is small enough to fit in a bag or a pocket, allowing you to take advantage of a great hearing experience no matter where you are. This works whether you’re at the market or in your dining room.

Most technology becomes obsolete over time and needs to be replaced. Whisper, however, says they are constantly refining and improving the Whisper Brain. Since AI software is a learning technology, that means it is continuously upgrading itself.

And that’s not all.


Whisper App

Whisper has an app with some amazing features; one of the best features delivers regular software upgrades that improve your Whisper AI system. Every few months, you will receive new features, better sound processing, and more.

It’s time to see how Whisper AI can upgrade your life. Contact us for more information or schedule an appointment today!