April S. from Yelp:

“What a great office!!!! I was recommended to them by the Next door app. I’ve had an impacted right ear for years and the ladies Paula and Janet worked together to get my ear unplugged. Their office is high tech and great. I felt very comfortable there and More importantly they changed my life!!! My ringing and dizziness stopped. If you have any hearing problems give them a call! 512-704-7447”

Olivia R. from Facebook:

“I had waited too long to get tested again and new hearing instruments until friends were constantly telling me how loud I was talking and being. I finally got the process started then, yesterday I went for my fitting of my new hearing instruments! Paula got me activated and I could hear the rain hitting the building! My smile grew and tears of joy streamed down my face! Paula was so helpful in educating me in all the features of my Resounds, which are very user friendly and adaptable! I feel so blessed!”

Mark K. from Facebook:

“I purchased my Oticon Opn hearing aids today from Paula after experimenting with several types and brands of hearing aids. Paula is absolutely the best Audiologist in town and really encouraged me to find the hearing aids that worked best for me. She has state of the art equipment and is extremely knowledgeable. Thanks Paula for helping me hear better!”

Vishnu S. from Google:

“Got my ear impressions done here for my Custom IEMs. Their facility is very clean and the staff members are very professional and kind. They are very knowledgeable on what they do. In case you need a refit they offer a 50% off on redoing the impressions. Highly recommended.”

Marshall J. from Yelp:

“Wow! I went to see Paula and Janet to see about custom fit earbuds for use with my iPhone.  They explained all my options in great detail and I decided on a pair of professional grade earplugs that can also be used with a set of Westone earbuds for music.  Turns out, the earplugs are fantastic but the earbuds left a lot to be desired.

I emailed Paula and Janet asking if I could return the earbuds and use the cost towards a better set specifically designed for this use.  Not only did they credit the cost I paid, but gave me the best price on the new set (Etymotic hf3) they could find on the internet and then gave me a discount since the first pair did not work.

I am now the proud owner of a professional pair of earplugs to use for music, F1, Moto GP, etc and I have a world class pair of noise cancelling earbuds to listen to my music – all at the best price one could expect to find anywhere.

On top of all this, they are professional, friendly, and just down right great to work with.  If you are music lover or music professional, you need to go see Pauls and Janet and RK Audiology.”

Colleen R. from Facebook:

“Paula Rivers and RK Audiology represent an excellence of professionalism that is rare!
I tried many audiologists but never received satisfactory results—until my first appointment with Paula. Now, the regular visits to adjust my hearing aids are actually a pleasure.

Since I am in my eighties, I especially appreciate her patience, courtesy, and clear communication. She has brought me back to the “land of the living!” Thank you, Paula and Janet for your outstanding service.”

Scott L. from Google:

“Paula and Janet are great to work with. Knowledgeable, supportive, great value, and generous with schedule accommodation. They’ve helped me stay in business as a musician when I faced a lot of worry over sensitive hearing. They were referred to me by other musicians. Can’t get a better endorsement than that.”

Kathryn G. from Yelp:

“I’ve been hard-of-hearing for 20 years, and admittedly, try to think as little about my hearing loss as possible. But after some goading from my husband and other Deaf friends, I finally setup an appointment to visit with Janet and Paula. WOW! I’ve never been so comfortable in an audiology practice before. They were careful to ask questions about my history and explain what my audiogram meant. I walked in feeling so naive and left feeling empowered and willing to give hearing aids another chance.
It’s so nice to have a caring and attentive pair of audiologists in my corner!”

Julie H. from Square:

“RK Audiology was a great help. I am visiting from New Zealand and needed my Lyric hearing aid replaced. They got me in quickly and took excellent care of me, even checked my settings and made some adjustments that improved my Lyric experience!”

Taylor A. from Facebook:

“I don’t write many reviews, but the outstanding service from Paula at RK Audiology shouldn’t be kept to myself! I just used an ambient IEM system for the first time last night and it was so amazing not having to fight to hear myself. And no ringing ears after the gig! At one point my band mate turned to me and asked if everything was ok because he couldn’t hear any keys. And I said talk to the sound guy, I hear me just fine! Ha! Thanks to Paula, I can leave my amp at home. :)”